Level 1 – Mission 1: Shades closed – Shades open

Mission objective:

Shades closed – Shades open; conscious eyecontact

Mission background:

In this mission you get to learn to consciously adjust the quality of your eye contacts along the guidelines of the metaphors ”Shades closed – Shades open”.

By saying ”Shades closed” we mean the kind of eye contact, that we use often naturally, without thinking when we make accidentally eye contact with strangers in a public space. The quality of this eye contact is to send messages like ”I am not seeking contact, I do not want to stop for a chat, I don´t want to see or hear you more than this and I do not want to be seen or heard more than this.”

By ”Shades open” we mean the kind of eye contact that is generated when people share the willingness to start interaction, before a single word or gesture has been exchanged. It´s purpose is to invite to a close contact and say: ”I am willing to interact with you, I want to see and hear more of you and I will let you see and hear more of me too.”

Mission instructions:

The easiest way to start is to walk at your workplace corridor shades open and monitor other people´s reactions (prepare for surprises:-). Next you can try it in different situations and contexts. Use it as an invitation to interact, display of interest or to create a warm atmosphere in customer service situation. You can also experiment with shades closed to gain more information how it is received in comparison.

Mission report:

Monitor other people´s reactions and record also the changes in your own emotions and thoughts. Debrief them as a text or a video and download it either to your private use or generously share it with others.

Mission report

Complete the mission by writing down observations like:

  • What changed in you?
  • How did other people react?
  • What else caught your attention?

Have fun comparing what other recruits wrote!

4 thoughts on “Level 1 – Mission 1: Shades closed – Shades open

  1. an onymo us says:

    At first I confess that I am INTJ-type. For the introvert, this is an interesting exercise. I noticed that at least in the first couple of experiments, I caught myself in the situations that the curtains were intentionally closed. It therefore requires efforts to open the curtains specially in the situations, where there is “no matter” to communicate for the other person.?

  2. Mrs. Smith says:

    Interesting exercise but it requires awareness and concentration. When I get to work, I consciously try to put the “curtains open” mode on. In particular, I try to keep the “curtains open” when entering into the elevator.

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