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All our live training contents are available online too. Due to their interactive nature and action based training method they are best conducted with zoom, while they are available on other online platforms too. Our online trainings include also specific content for online work. Online trainings are available as one-off trainings and modular processes. Several clients have started with a live training kick-off and continued with an online training process. Of course it is possible to start as an Doninto agent with the app and deepen your understanding and hone your agent skills with online training. You can register to the next open trainings, or order a tailored one here.

Online trainings

Constructive Interaction (3 h)

Meetings can be difficult, energy consuming and frustrating – or energizing, empowering and engaging! How to manage the quality of interaction to gain more results? – this is the question we are answering to in this training.

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Empathy at work - online and offline! (3 h)

In this online training we dig in to the concepts of empathy, compassion, acceptance, loving kindness and positive psychology both in theory and practice.

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Engage and have fun with Virtual Facilitation! (3 h)

In this training you learn how to engage and energize with online facilitation in Teams or other platforms. Deepen your understanding of the importance of psychological safety, action learning and playfulness and get concrete tools you can apply to your online meetings. The training is strongly interactive and action oriented and specifically tailored with well-researched content and activities that excite and inspire in the virtual environment.

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Have fun and engage in online settings! (90 min)

The goal of this online training is to offer tips and concrete exercises and games to inspire, engage and create psychological safety in online meetings, webinars, trainings and parties.

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Healthy boundaries at work (3 h)

We are pausing for a moment to reflect and study boundaries. How can we recognize, set and respect each others boundaries? With the guidance of an experienced facilitator we are experimenting with concrete exercises to explore the possibilities to set healthy boundaries even in challenging contexts in solution oriented, gentle and constructive ways.

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Improv skills for resilient work life (3 h)

The world is in the middle of continuous and accelerating change and sometimes we can feel completely out to sea with it. Wouldn´t it be useful to learn to surf those waves much better? In this training you will.

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Status behavior at work (1 day)

Do you get interrupted often? Do you feel that people are not taking what you are saying seriously? Or do you feel oppressed, stifled or rejected with your opinions and ideas? Or – are other people afraid of you, seeing you as a threat of some sort? If yes, this training opens your eyes to the power you have and helps you to use it for good.

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Hone your skills in self-leadership, improvisation, interaction, presenting and facilitation.

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