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We believe that, even with all the dazzling array of technology and learning platforms that is now on offer, there is nothing that can replace live, face to face human learning. Doninto live training helps you and your team improve and build your skills in self-leadership, improvisation, interaction, communication and facilitation in ways that will achieve lasting cultural and behavioural change at organisational level.

How to do this? The most efficient way is to build a live training process of 2 – 4 modules that is closely tailored to your organisation’s needs. We believe in maximum flexibility and complementarity in our training, so you can also use a one-off, live f2f training as a kick-off to motivate your people to become Doninto agents via the online app, or conversely start with the app and deepen your understanding with live or online trainings when appropriate. Our flexible training services also offer open training programmes for individual leaders and consultants.

Register for the open live trainings or order a tailored one by contacting us.

Live trainings

Use your presence while presenting (1 day)

Do you feel that you are not fully enjoying giving speeches and presentations – that you would love to have more fun and less stress delivering them? Are you hoping for clear and concrete tips and instructions to make the most out of your presentations? If yes, this training is totally for you! We are not managing the content, but we can really help you with your presence big time!

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Hone your skills in self-leadership, improvisation, interaction, presenting and facilitation.

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