How does the game app work?

By participating in the game as a Doninto Agent you get video instructions for secret missions that you can complete in real life. With your secret Agent ‘code-name’ you can anonymously report your outcomes – and rank yourself against others who have achieved the same mission. Agents can choose from 12 levels of challenge and select from 60 missions designed to develop effective, positive communication skills to keep learning and practising their skills over time. The missions are based on positive psychology and applied improvisation, so players can practise skills ‘on the quiet’ which they can immediately put to use.

The benefits to you and your people

Engaging, practical skills development – The skills you develop through the Doninto learning app are explored through an entertaining and playful game environment, and instantly applicable in your daily working environment.

Flexibility – you can start exploring as an individual secret agent with the Doninto app straightaway and deepen your understanding and skills with live online training as and when you wish.

Cost-effective sustainability – With the Doninto agent game you keep learning while working, so there’s no need to take time out to attend a separate training.

Scalability and reach – you can use a one-off live training as a kick-off to motivate people to become agents themselves via the online app.

“Ssshh … don’t tell everyone, but the Doninto agent game is a totally new way of individual learning.”

“And if you want to discreetly lead the way towards lasting behavioural and culture change in your organisation, click HERE for some inside information on how to get started with an open live training event, or a customised programme tailored to your organisation’s needs.”


Doninto is a new learning game for individuals, teams and organizations. Our goal is to make work life better for your organisation by increasing playful, constructive and collaborative interaction between individuals and teams.

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Hone your skills in self-leadership, improvisation, interaction, presenting and facilitation.

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