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Participation problem solved

As a Head of HR in our company I have struggled with getting people to participate in trainings we offer to them. They say its a waste of time and they cannot sacrifice their working hours to trainings, they have to get things done. It is also challenging for the company to invest precious work time and resources to training days. Doninto Agent training program solved all these problems! People learn while working and are much more motivated and having fun! The amount of smiling faces in our company has been growing exponentially!

Recognizing my strength

I almost quit my work because of bad leadership and poor communication culture in our company. Then I tried, as my last straw, this Doninto Agent training, and wow, everything changed! Not instantly, but right after completing 5 first missions I felt so much more ease and I knew that I could gradually change things. Now after 4 levels I have already changed the ways our team communicates for so much better!

Recruiting new Agents

One of our team members started to behave differently quite rapidly, he started to smile and say nice things and I first thought he was in love or something like that. When I finally asked him what has happened to him, he told me mysteriously that he had become a secret agent. I laughed and shook my head, but he gave me this card: Join the Movement, Become a Doninto Agent. I just thought this was some kind of prank he had planned but here I am, starting my 3rd Agent level today and wow, this is so much fun!

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